Understanding Legal Fees

By: rachel | Date: January 23, 2013 | Categories: Money

No one wants to have to pay legal fees but there are times in our lives when we must hire a lawyer. This can be for a number of reasons such as a divorce, DUI, making a will, bankruptcy, civil and criminal situations or even when a family member has passed away and there are […]

Working with your Lender

By: rachel | Date: October 28, 2011 | Categories: Real Estate

In this time of economic uncertainty many people are getting into financial trouble.  This puts a lot of stress on family life and can mean a lot of sleepless nights.  People are losing their jobs and finding it harder and harder to get a new one.   With a reduced income many homeowners are facing the […]

Landlords Rely on Property Managers

By: rachel | Date: June 10, 2011 | Categories: Real Estate

Property management may seem like an unwanted layer of red tape to many, but professional managers play a crucial role in the landlord-tenant relationship. There are even entire companies that do nothing but manage properties, like TransGlobe Property Management Services . These companies take on the work of being a landlord so that the property […]


Getting Away to Vegas

By: rachel | Date: May 30, 2011 | Categories: Travel

Is your tax refund itching in your bank account? Have you finally got your head above water financially and feel like you can afford a vacation for the first time in years? Are you completely stressed from work and need some sort of release? Then you need to make a reservation at the hard rock […]


Choosing Rings for Second Marriage

By: rachel | Date: May 4, 2011 | Categories: Matrimony

Marriage after divorce is seldom the subject of great romance stories, marketing themes, social activities or life ambitions. And when we look at images of tungsten wedding bands surrounded by roses, we generally think of young couples who are engaged for the first time. However, and with that in mind, second marriages are often the […]

Training in Conflict Resolution

By: rachel | Date: April 21, 2011 | Categories: Training

Learning to understand the underlying causes of disputes is the key element in any mediation or conflict resolution class. Professionals in many different fields need to master at least the basic skills for uncovering the roots of conflict and learn to negotiate between opposing parties in personal, professional, and organizational situations. After mastering the basics, […]

Blinds Serve Several Different Functions

By: rachel | Date: April 6, 2011 | Categories: Home

Home design is about beauty and serenity — creating a wonderful living environment for one’s self and family. Many people undergo a design project solely with the aesthetic considerations in mind. They forget that things like window treatments are actually supposed to be functional as well as pretty to look at. A good set of […]


Exploring the Columbia Icefield in Banff

By: rachel | Date: March 27, 2011 | Categories: Travel

Canada’s Columbia Icefield is one of the country’s most fascinating and unique attractions. It is one of the world’s largest accummulations of snow and ice below the Arctic Circle. The Icefield includes eight major glaciers and melting water from the field feeds rivers and streams that flow into three major oceans: the Pacific, Atlantic, and […]


Addiction in America

By: rachel | Date: March 22, 2011 | Categories: Health

America is a very wealthy nation and because of this wealth has developed many social problems for its citizens. Aside from things like monetary debt, there are other social issues. While many countries around the world have drug problems, the US’s is far more prominent than the average. The reason – we have more free […]


Finding Money to Start a Dental Practice

By: rachel | Date: March 19, 2011 | Categories: Business

So many people dream of starting their own business and yet so few actually take the steps to make it happen. This is just as true for medical professionals like doctors and dentists as for everyday working people. While the general public may have an image of dentists having deep pockets given how much they […]